It’s a Chemradery Kind of Summer in South Florida

Chemradery Block - 1400x1400There is a certain feeling in the air that drifts around us during the summer. There is an extra element of fun, excitement, and freedom felt during these summer months that cannot be matched any other time of year. We are reminded of how our hard work pays off with a little extra time for time to take off with friends family… vacations, relaxation, and anticipation of what our future holds.

As we celebrate our freedoms today–those freedoms that make America the Land of opportunity that She is–I’m thinking of some those who have made the most of theirs–my curvist guests. In particular, I’m filled with pride for my 41st guests, Chemradery! Armed with strong musical training, elevated dreams, and a blood-sweat-tears kind of determination, the guys of Chemradery have made their meteoric rise onto the south Florida music scene the stuff of legend. They dominate contests, have opened for other top talents, and (best of all) remain incredibly humble and sweet guys.

You may have been fortunate to catch them at this last Thursday’s Clematis by Night:

CTC's Jaime with Chemradery's Greg backstage at WRMF's No Snow Ball 2015.

CTC’s Jaime with Chemradery’s Greg backstage at WRMF’s No Snow Ball 2015.

If not, don’t fret: the Chemradery guys are never ones to keep fans waiting too long. Catch front man and lead singer, Greg, lend his vocal talents to tonight’s Fourth of July celebration in downtown West Palm Beach–Fourth on Flagler! With a background in opera, his voice is one of those rare gifts that can really do the song justice, and you will NOT be disappointed!! Be sure to also follow their social media and check into their website regularly for show updates.

Follow Chemradery on: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | SoundCloud

Don’t forget to download their EP!! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!


Chemradery’s appearance on the Curve the Cube Podcast last year: #41 – MUSICIANS – Chemradery – 2015-09-05

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