PokemonGo at the Palm Beach Zoo!

Catching Poliwags and Spazzing over Capybara!!!

Pokemon Go at the Palm Beach Zoo Block

Welcome to a BONUS episode of the Curve the Cube Podcast. It is just a bonus, but still very worthy of a number. So, it’s #84! It’s been a while since I’ve covered an event, and this was very impromptu, but still very fun.

(To hear the last event I covered, you will have to rewind to episode #60 where I covered an art gallery opening and then pretty far back to episode #16 with the Shock Pop Comic Con.)

In THIS episode, I get to geek out about the phenomenon of Pokémon Go! There is one local spot that is taking FULL advantage: The Palm Beach Zoo! They laid down some lures and transformed their park full of Pokéstops into a Pokémon trainer’s dream. Sending out a map ahead of time, the zoo primed the local masses to get their teams together and have a #PokemonGo invasion… and it worked!!

A newbie trainer myself, I was SO JAZZED to get out there and go hunting for Pokémon. So, I had my map ready and spent a fun evening capturing Exeggcutes, Pinsirs, Poliwags, and TONS more. The fountain area was particularly littered. It was awesome!!

I stopped along the way and talked to a couple of groups of fellow trainers who were kind enough to spare a few minutes for my questions. (Thanks, guys!) We talked about the sudden craze that is Pokémon Go, getting into teams, strategy, and how much the special event drew them to be at the zoo that night. It was awesome!

There was live music, a Food Truck Invasion (shout out to Hoffman’s Chocolates!), and of course the wonderful and real-life Pokémon—the animals themselves! They absolutely remained the stars of the show!! (Scroll down for the bonus podcast episode covering Pokémon at the Palm Beach Zoo!)

I’m having a full podcast with some peeps from the Zoo in a couple of weeks. It’s slated to be episode #88 and released on August 8th; but, keep in touch over social media for updates—mostly on Twitter.

But, aslo keep an eye out while playing the game yourselves! Remember to keep looking up and watching out for “No Trespassing” signs, sketchy folk, cliffs, and mall fountains. It’s just a game, people!!

This is Pokémon Go at the Palm Beach Zoo!


#84 – EVENT – Pokemon Go at the Palm Beach Zoo – 2016-07-16:

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Music Beds courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!


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