Carlos Aleman Brings Dark Chocolate to Delray’s Arts Garage!


I had the privilege of visiting with local artist and writer, Carlos Aleman, just before the debut of his latest Dark Chocolate exhibit (called “Samurai”) and was happily introduced to his wife, Jean, and surrounded by his wonderful works.

Carlos and I sat down last August, and I was very impressed with not only his talent, but also his kindness. He is worldly, imaginitive, and prolific in his expression of his creative genius. Be sure to catch this local treasure’s latest exhibit–Samurai Dark Chocolate at Delray’s Arts Garage! Why asked for the play-on-words reason behind the name of the exhibit, Carlos explained:

“Dark Chocolate is the nutritious, antioxidant-rich form of the deliciousness derived from the cocoa seed. So, a “Dark Chocolate” Japan, for instance, would be the best version of Japan–or, at least what I like best about it. And, this Samurai Dark Chocolate is an extension of what I did last year. […] This is my geek, pop culture thing. It’s about not being too serious. I believe in sincerity, not seriousness. There’s so much seriousness in this world, I want to tone it back a little.”

Upon your visit, you will be treated to a bevy of Japanese-inspired paintings and sculptures from this incredible artist, including many that were not featured in his previous big Dark Chocolate showing:



The Arts Garage has established itself as a mecca of local talent–from artists to musicians and more–and, having Carlos’ exhibit there is a real special treat.



Don’t miss Carlos Aleman‘s Samurai Dark Chocolate at the nine four Gallery at Delray’s Arts Garage, showing now through August 11th, and be immersed in his vision! The showing is full of vivid colors and imagery that express his passion and love for Japan and it’s culture with a pop/animation flavor to his presentation. Your senses will be absolutely delighted! While you’re there, be sure to also pick up his latest art books.

nine four Gallery at Arts Garage
94 NE 2nd Ave
(Pineapple Grove)
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Get to know the artist’s mind!! Listen to my podcast with Carlos (guest #37) from 8/01/2015:

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